Volunteer and Transform a Life!

Volunteer and Transform a Life!

At TLCAD, volunteers are critical to accomplishing our mission. We are deeply indebted to these amazing people. We strive to create an environment that is friendly, fulfilling, and fun for volunteers.

Our greatest area of need is for:

Foster Guardian/Puppy Raiser

This volunteer role involves 6-8 weeks of housing and caring for a puppy or a shelter dog. Volunteers will work with the TLCAD training department to observe, socialize and prepare a dog to enter the POOCH program. Volunteers attend weekly training sessions with staff to positively socialize the dog and learn how to train foundation behaviors.

Dog Sitter

Dog sitters are volunteers who care for TLCAD service dog candidates on a temporary and as-needed basis.

Community Volunteer

This is a 3-month (minimum) commitment. The community volunteers’ primary role is to handle POOCH dogs during public outings in order to provide positive exposure, maintain trained behaviors and prepare the dogs for the ADI Public Access Test. Additionally, community volunteers may also assist TLCAD staff with home visits, shelter assessments, outreach or other tasks on an as-needed basis.

Community Furlough Volunteer

Community Furlough Volunteers care for a service dog-in-training in their home for a period of one week a month in order to give the dog a much needed vacation from its training in the prison.  The dog resides in the volunteer’s home to relax, unwind and just “be a dog” all while being exposed to the home environment, which is essential for it to become a successful service dog. Community Furlough Volunteers also attend one community training outing during the  furlough week, to build upon their handling skills and to return the dog to TLCAD staff.

POOCH Assistant

POOCH assistants have volunteered with TLCAD for a minimum of 3 months and have passed background checks conducted by the prison.  They assist staff in prison classes and help walk the dogs in & out of the prison for public outings.

POOCH Furlough Volunteer

Furlough volunteers are employees of the prison who volunteer their time to care for POOCH dogs in their homes overnight or during weekends. Along with a home environment outside of the prison, they provide positive socialization for the dogs out in public and help maintain the behaviors the inmates have trained.