While many suburban areas aren’t necessarily well-known for their native forms of wildlife, still outdoor predators and pests can prevail near many big cities. From rodents like rats, to possums and skunks, even raccoons, can prove to be problematic in some ways.

So how can we keep these pests at bay while protecting our home, family and animals from possible harm? They say a good offense makes for the best defense, so here are some proactive ways we can reduce the risk that wildlife can possibly pose to our property and pets:


Fortifying Your Yard

Most of us don’t have a ten-foot fence that surrounds our property, which can be an effective deterrent for many forms of wildlife. But there are ways we can better secure areas like back yards and gardens from unwanted critters:

  • Regularly check fencing for loose boards, faulty hinges or latches that can allow access
  • Keep shrubs and bushes well-trimmed to deter nesting
  • Clean up underneath bird feeders and fruit trees to keep these edibles picked up
  • Make sure doors to sheds and outbuildings are closed at all times
  • Keep garbage can lids tightly secured
  • Don’t let your animal outdoors without looking around to see if the area is safe
  • Use a flashlight if necessary at night to ensure they’re no other animals out there

If possible, keep refuse containers inside a garage or other enclosure so scavengers can’t access them. Compost piles are also attractive to animals so you should keep these away from your home, covered at all times and away from areas that can be accessed by your pets.

It’s also important to keep pet foods and water dishes indoors since they can attract rodents, skunks, raccoons and other pests that could carry giardia. Certain breeds of dogs are drawn to these problematic animals and this intestinal parasite is commonly spread throughout the animal and human populations making those infected very ill, weak and requiring medical attention.

Making Music

They say that music soothes the savage beast, but if you have some type of background noise, music or a television, either in or around your house, this is bothersome to many different animals. Rodents, for example are primarily nocturnal creatures and if there’s noises near your home during the day, it makes them less likely to nest or take up residence in the immediate area.

Don’t Speak Softly and Carry A Big Stick

If you should happen to come across a small predator or other potentially dangerous critter when you’re walking your dog, this is another example of why they should be kept on a leash. A walking stick also makes an excellent weapon as does a rock, dirt or dust thrown in their eyes.

Article by:  Amber Kingsley